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5/22 at ebisu tenmado switch
open: 18:30 start: 19:00
charge: 1,500yen+1drink
(RubyTabby: 21:00 start)

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Get to know the Ruby Tabby

We went to Fujiyama to search for the red snow called "Ruby Tabby" that is seen just once every 300 years. It is a legend that says one receive eternal pleasure by finding the "Ruby Tabby". There are 5 lakes around Fujiyama, and they say when the surface of the 3rd lake changes to ruby red, the "Ruby Tabby" appears.

Living in Tokyo - Holiday

Ruby Tabby talks about impression of life, food, animals, and music. If you have something to say, please leave us a comment.

Listen to the Songs

You can listen to the fabulous songs of Ruby Tabby in this site. All songs are composed and played by Ruby Tabby. We also recommend seeing their performance.